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New nanos get raised edges for scratch protection?

Marc Perton

For the moment this stays in the rumor column (that's what that question mark up there in the title is for), since there's no official word from Apple, but it looks like the latest iPod nanos have a slight redesign: a raised edge or lip designed to make the player harder to scratch. According to reports, this has been confirmed by numerous customers and by Apple Genius Bar staff. And the picture on the right does appear to show a slight ridge, which doesn't appear in any earlier nano pics (or in the pics on Apple's site). We won't be surprised if this is indeed an attempt to make the nano less scratch-prone -- or if Apple never says a word about it, since the company hasn't exactly been very forthcoming about the scratching issue in the first place.

Update: As you'll see in the Comments, iLounge now has reason to believe that this is probably "either a fraud, a manufacturing oddity in some subset of units, or something that does not exist in the brand new 1GB unit we have here." So, we'll keep this in the rumor column (and wait for more definitive info before moving it into the fraud one).

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