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Sony's new Vaio L series all-in-one desktop

Marc Perton

Okay, NEC. So, you think you're so bad, now that you've managed to announce no fewer than 26 new computers in a single day. Well, all we can say is, don't mess with Sony. In addition to showing off its Blu-ray totin' RC300, the company is also dropping something like 41 other Vaio models, including upgrades to the H, V, F and S series, and a whole new line called the VGC-L series. We'll start the show with the L, an all-in-one desktop with a either a 19-inch 1680 x 1050 or 15.4-inch 1280 x 800 LCD display. The line comes with a range of processor options, including a Core Duo T2300 at 1.66GHz or a Celeron M 420 at 1.6GHz. Sony also throws in a dual-layer burner, 200GB drive and FeliCa port (these are Japan-only models, remember). The keyboard is designed to fold up on top of the display, leaving just enough displayed to allow access to audio controls via the included remote. And although Sony's including XP Home (we would have liked MCE as at least an option), Sony is certifying these as "Vista Capable," making them among the first new boxes out of Japan to carry that shiny new sticker. Prices range from ¥160,000 (about $1,350) to ¥220,000 ($1,855), depending on configuration.

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