Sony's VAIO RC300 series with Blu-ray Disc get official

We already peeped Sony’s Blu-ray packin’ Vaio at the Tokyo Anime Fair last month. Now, Sony comes clean with some general specs around their new Vaio RC300 series machines. The line-up will feature Pentium D dual-core CPUs, S-ATA drives supporting RAID for mirroring that 2TB of supported storage, PCI Express x16 graphics, and advanced DDR memory. Yeah, these are positioned rightfully, as high-end Media Center Edition 2005 PCs sporting Sony's Giga Pocket and RC Digital Studio apps to view, schedule, and manage your recordings. No doubt, it’ll be a few months before these drop, but after yesterday’s Fujitsu Blu-ray Deskpower TX95 announcement, we guess Sony had to get official right quick like.

[Thanks, Himanshu]