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Valkyrie Profile, Tekken & Loco Roco on The 1UP Show


This week's episode of The 1UP Show has a ton of PSP love. First, they have an excellent debate about Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, the highly anticipated RPG coming out for PSP this week. James Mielke, a fan of the PlayStation classic seems pretty enamored by the PSP version. In his written review, he calls the game "an adventurous, risk-taking RPG," and awards it a mighty 8.0. However, not everyone at Ziff Davis agrees with such a high score. Shane speaks of the PSP-exclusive slowdown and load times, calling it a "lazy port." He complains that releases like this encourage PSP developers to make lazy ports, a fear that we all share. Make sure you watch the review to see the hot-tempered debate.

But that's not the only PSP love on this week's episode. They also have absolutely awesome footage of Tekken: Dark Resurrection. We know it's going to be awesome, but it's great to see the great graphics and awesome load times visualized in handy video form.

Finally, if you missed last week's episode, they had an entire episode dedicated to Loco Roco. With these three great exclusives heading to the PSP, the haters can't say that we don't have a kick-ass games lineup.

Game-specific videos:
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth
Tekken: Dark Resurrection
Loco Roco

[Download MP4 for PSP]

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