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GTA: Vice City Stories to carry hefty price tag

Joystiq Staff

Besides unveiling the box art for the upcoming PSP title Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Gamespot is reporting that a price of $49.99 has been confirmed for what we're all sure is going to be another hit in this never-say-die franchise. A release date of October 17 was confirmed during E3 in May.

Details are scarce as far as any sort of storyline or pretty much anything else, but Gamespot notes that on the box two characters from GTA: Vice City are included -- Umberto Robina and "Big" Mitch Baker.

PSP games typically hover around the $39.99 mark, but it appears Rockstar is quick to take advantage of those willing to buy this game no matter what. Is $50 for a handheld title a breaking point for you?

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