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iSoundCap announces new ball cap iPod accessory

Darren Murph

You've got a lot of options when it comes to carrying your iPod around: armbands, belt clips, pockets, lanyards, and a few choice methods reserved for strolling through the less savory areas. But unless you're sporting a set of wireless earphones, all of those methods could get you right tangled up if you're not careful. Enter iSoundCap, a startup focused solely on selling their iPod-holster-on-a-hat contraption for carrying your iPod nano or Shuffle right on your dome, and keeping your headphone cord neatly wrapped up and away from flailing limbs. A compartment above your ear holds your Apple tight, while a wire spool gives you just enough length to keep your 'buds in-ear without the excess cabling becoming hazardous. These two components, along with a questionably styled cap, make up this "innovative" approach to toting your tunes, which seems like a good fit for gym rats and joggers who don't mind the extra headgear -- or something for DIYers to tackle alone. But if you're not down with using your own noggin, you can pick up this lid for $29.95 in mid-August.

[Via MacMinute]

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