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Luigi's Mansion sequel coming to Wii?


A forum poster over at Neo GAF has dropped some tidbits from the EGM Rumor Mill to the inter wubs stating that a sequel to the GameCube launch title Luigi's Mansion is in the works for the Wii. Now, should this be true, we're sure that the game will feature even more sucking than the first installment, with a back pack so big that it can be seen from space, which coincidentally is where we predict Luigi's next adventure to be.

In fact, Luigi wanted to go to space first, but you know that show-off brother of his just had to beat him to the punch. It's tough living in the portly plumber's shadow (seriously, Mario could stand to lose a few pounds and Luigi's lactose intolerance means he needs sunlight so he can produce precious vitamin D). All fat jokes aside, this is a no-brainer. With the Wiimote, Luigi's Mansion 2: Electric Boogaloo (working title) can be free to traverse into the first-person realm. That's right, you read it here first: the next game to bear the Luigi's Mansion name will be in the first-person view and will have the thin, mustached man capturing space ghosts...and possibly fighting Jason.

Luigi Vs. Jason: Electric Boogaloo anyone?

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