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Elgato unveils dual-tuner EyeTV Diversity USB stick in the UK

Darren Murph

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If you didn't bite when Elgato released its pocket-friendly EyeTV Hybrid, you may be interested in its supercharged successor, the EyeTV Diversity. The USB 2.0 stick makes for easy travel, and this rendition sports dual attachable antennas and a DSP, "which uses information from both tuners to generate the best signal possible." Designed to work with DTT / DVB-T signals, the device supports dual tuner functionality, PIP, scheduled recordings via the included EveTV 2 software, and a one-year subscription to the "tvtv" program guide. It touts seamless integration with Toast 7, and even provides easy converting for use on video-playing iPods. The company also notes that 1080i and 720p viewing / recording is possible on Macs housing "dual PowerPC G5 or Intel Core Duo" processors, and the dual-tuner USB stick can be picked up now on the other side of the pond for €149.95 ($191).

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