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ByD:sign / EyeFi unveils antiquated 42-inch plasma

Darren Murph

It's one thing to be fashionably late, but to arrive at a party that essentially ended months ago (at least) and expect to shake things up is probably an ill-advised move. Nevertheless, Japan's ByD:sign (badged as EyeFi here in the States) is offering up a 42-inch plasma TV (PE-4202DFK) that sports a built-in digital terrestrial tuner and manages to include an HDMI input, but somehow touts a completely uninspiring 852 x 480 resolution. Just in case the rest of the specs even matter after that blow, it also features 1,500 cd/m2 brightness, a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, Genesis DCDi chip, S-Video / composite, VGA, analog / optical audio, and removable 10-watt stereo speakers as well. While the lowly resolution may suit your Wii playing needs just fine, you won't enjoy any crisp HD DVDs or Blu-rays in their full, unadulterated glory here, and at a whopping ¥170,000 ($1,430), you can do a whole lot better for your money anyway.

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