Apple's Mighty Mouse finally gets Bluetooth

Looks like Apple forgot to file for ye olde confidentiality agreement, but today an FCC filing showed off Apple's latest device: the Mighty Mouse with Bluetooth. If anyone's surprised, well, that'd be pretty silly of you being that a wireless / Bluetooth Mighty Mouse is what's been asked for of Apple since day one of the peripheral's release. So, who's got odds that they'll finally freaking fix those pitiful squeeze triggers on the side? By the way, for those not interested in poring over the manual, expect the "M6" (the device's listed codename) to be powered by AA cells -- not by an internal rechargeable battery (i.e. don't expect a little dock or USB plug, bucko).

P.S. -Yes, as pointed out, it would also appear this Mighty Mouse is a laser driven device, for increased optical precision. But c'mon, you know it's really the Bluetooth that's got you paying down your credit card.