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New Year's Resolutions

Paul Sherrard

2007 is about to be upon us, along with The Burning Crusade. With the World of Warcraft able to suck up large portions of our lives, I figure it might be an idea to make some New Year's resolutions for my virtual selves. Of course, in setting out to make resolutions I have to be acutely aware that in the real world I almost never keep them or achieve my goals. Will my commitments to life in Azeroth meet the same fate?

Here are some of my resolutions - what are yours going to be? Any little things you didn't get done with your characters in 2006 that you'd like to see happen in 2007?

  • Level up a Draenei (mage or hunter) to 70
  • Get my existing 60s (rogue, hunter, paladin, priest, and soon a warrior) to 70
  • Play in the PvP games at least 1 evening a week, just to stay sharp
  • Be a valuable and contributing member to the guilds I'm part of
  • Help a newbie at least once a month
  • Get a piece (or 3) of Tier 5 gear

Your turn!

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