TUAW predictions for Macworld 07

David Chartier
D. Chartier|01.01.07

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David Chartier
January 1st, 2007
TUAW predictions for Macworld 07
It's the new year boys and girls, which means (amongst other things) that Macworld will soon be upon us. As such, it is only fitting that we dust off TUAW's crystal ball to envision what we think will be unveiled both on and off stage. Now we don't have any insider information - this is all simply logical deduction sprinkled with some wishful thinking, so don't bet the bank on any of this. That said, we present you TUAW's predictions for Macworld 07, in order of blogger's last name:

Victor Agreda Jr.
  • Google integration (iTV + YouTube)
  • API's for iTV (for El Gato, in particular). Maybe that's a wish; I really, truly doubt Apple and El Gato will play in the same sandbox
  • HD content on iTunes ('07 is the true year of HD)
  • A gold nano - for Steve, as he announces retiring in 2008
  • Some sort of Spreadsheet addition to iWork 07
  • .Mac will "somehow get better"

David Chartier
  • I agree with everyone else: iLife and iWork 07 are a sure thing
  • No Apple iPhone - mostly because, if true, it could possibly go down in history as one of the most hyped yet never announced fanaticware products of all time
  • I've been hoping for a video update to the AirPort Express, but it seems like the iTV more or less kills that idea; I predict it ships at Macworld
  • On Leopard: I again agree with everyone else on a ship date being announced

Laurie A. Duncan
  • The Mac mini will get a Core 2 Duo upgrade - although not necessarily across the line. I wouldn't put it past them to keep the sub-$600 model a single Core Duo
  • A major iTunes-related content announcement
  • Hopefully a new stand-alone iSight camera because as much as I dig the convenience of having one built in to my iMac and MacBook, it's not terribly convenient for scanning my many shelves of books into Delicious Library, for instance (I still have my old FW iSight for such occassions, but a shiny new one would be nice)
  • I am fairly certain we'll get to hear what the "iTV" will actually be called, along with a ship date and I'm pretty sure we'll hear a Leopard ship date
  • I'm not seeing an iPhone(y) (aka iVox in the pretend world where I am in charge of such things) in my crystal ball, although I suspect there will be a number of jokes about it

Mat Lu
  • Leopard released earlier than expected
  • iTV finalized
  • revised iPods
  • no iPhone
  • CS3 released earlier than expected

Dan Lurie
  • Release date and complete feature set for Leopard
  • iLife/Work '07
  • iTV release date and complete feature set.
  • iPhone (You have no idea how much I want this one to be right)

Scott McNulty
  • iLife and iWork 07
  • Refreshed Cinema Displays
  • Leopard ship date announced

Michael Rose
  • Likewise on Leopard release date
  • Minimum of three additional studios for iTunes movie store
  • "iTV" official announcement, integration with Elgato products for capture
  • Major digital asset management product announcement for pro video space, stemming from Proximity acquisition
  • One more thing: 8-core Mac Pro
  • One MORE more thing: iPod Phone - multi-service chat presence included

Erica Sadun
  • iLife and iWork 07
  • iTV ships
  • Leopard ship date
  • iPhone announcement
  • iDogCow - because every good prediction should have an absolutely wrong item in it. Viva Clarus. Moof!
There you have it - we'll just have to see next week which of our crystal balls is the clearest. What do y'all think? Are we off the mark, or did we miss anything you're betting the house on? Gambling habits aside, feel free to share your own predictions in the comments.

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