Dash adds Yahoo! local search to GPS

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Upstart Dash Navigation announced today that it's signed up Yahoo! as a partner for its forthcoming Dash Express GPS unit/service, with the company set to provide its Yahoo! Local service for some location-sensitive car-based searching. For those not up to speed, Dash is aiming to bolster the humble GPS navigation unit by pooling the collective awareness of all Dash users on the road, wirelessly transmitting traffic information back and forth in real time to provide up-to-date road conditions (for a more detailed Dash primer, you may want to take a gander at our own Ross Rubin's two recent columns on the company's plans). The addition of Yahoo! Local looks to further round out the company's offerings, letting drivers search for nearby business or products, as well as get restaurant ratings and other information, along with the ability to redirect their route to any given destination at the push of a button. Dash itself is apparently still on track for a launch in California this spring, with a nationwide roll-out to follow later in the fall.

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