The Darkness meets The Interview

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The Darkness meets The Interview

CVG recently sat down with Starbreeze, developers of The Chronicles of Riddick (and the underrated Enclave), to talk about their upcoming 360 title, The Darkness. The interview covers a number of topics, including why Starbreeze decided to tackle a relatively unknown comic and what sort of pressure they feel after Riddick became a huge success on the original Xbox. The developers admit that putting a shooter out for the 360 in the wake of Gears is "intimidating," but they remain focused on presenting the best game possible. They cover all the basic questions about what it's like to develop for 360 and how involved the comic creators are. Our favorite exchange involves the developers discussing the difficulty of bonding with a hitman, the main character of The Darkness.

"The Darkness is quite a dark character - a hitman. Although he suffers from the normal trials and issues that we all do."

Yes, like 'Who do I want kill?'"

We can all identify with that, right? Hit the read link for the full interview.

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