iLuv kicks out Bluetooth-enabled i277BLK / i199BLK iPod stereo clocks

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.04.07

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iLuv kicks out Bluetooth-enabled i277BLK / i199BLK iPod stereo clocks
It may not be iHome, but iLuv's done a thing or two with DAP-docking alarm clocks that other firms just have to respect, and the company's latest duo even includes Bluetooth for that cordless approach we so adore. The i277BLK (pictured after the break) features an LCD display, docking cradle for your dock-connecting iPod, built-in track / volume controls, AM / FM tuners, digital clock with dual-function alarms, wireless remote, AV output, dock adapters, twin three-watt jAura speakers, and an A2DP-compliant BluePin audio transmitter / receiver to receive tunes from any BT-enabled device or listen in with your Bluetooth headphones. The i199BLK ups the ante by including a CD / MP3 disc player, USB port for thumb drive input, ID3 tag support, and a larger, more descriptive LCD panel. Both options should be available this March, and while the i277BLK will set you back $149.99, the more featured i199BLK will demand a cool $229.99.

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