Philips intros Wireless HDMI

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Philips intros Wireless HDMI
Philips has announced its showing off a wireless HDMI product, based on Ultra Wideband at this year's CES. With enough bandwidth to send an uncompressed HD stream of up to 1080p resolution, the company claims its solution solves the problem of arranging components and display devices without affecting the A/V experience. The ultra wideband frequency range should keep it free from interference caused by cell phones, WiFi or microwaves. Oddly, the press release continually refers to the SWW1800 as a "wireless cable", which would likely explain the dearth of available pictures as they try to find a way to photograph it. We'll have to see if we can get a look at it on the CES show floor, but the company expects to debut it in May with an MSRP of $299.

Update: We've got a picture of the wireless adapters from Philips' press conference yesterday, where they were pretty tight lipped about availability, pricing or specifics on the technology, but later issued a press release with two of the three.
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