Samsung to release yellow Simpsons Movie phone

We've heard of releasing lappies and cameras based on major motion pictures, and we've certainly heard of getting films on your phone, but Samsung is partnering with 20th Century Fox to unveil a limited edition, yellow handset to commemorate The Simpsons Movie. Having potential to reach a cult-like status in the geek / cartoon kingdom, this still-mysterious phone doesn't yet have a fleshed-out spec list (nor a finalized design, apparently), but we do know that it'll be yellow in color, have a special Simpson's logo, and come "pre-loaded with exclusive The Simpsons Movie content." While we aren't expecting anything special out of the phone itself, we'll be interested to see the eBay value of these bananas come July of this year, and hopefully by then we'll know a good bit more about the minutiae. Click on through for a few more pics.

[Via AVing]