Sony kicks out 007 Edition VAIO TX / DSC-T50B Cybershot

No double agent facade is complete with just an uber-stealthy Sony Ericsson cellphone, as everyone understands that no impossible improbable heist goes down without wiring a few mil to that heavily secured offshore account. Stepping up to the oh-so-dodgy challenge is Sony's own 007 Edition VAIO TX ultraportable, slimmed down to just 1-inch thick and weighing 2.8 pounds in order to fit comfortably in the matching Attaché briefcase. The 11.1-inch machine touts a carbon fiber enclosure, WXGA XBRITE display, 1.2GHz Intel U1400 Core Solo processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 80GB 4200RPM hard drive, Intel's GMA950 integrated graphics set, dual-layer DVD burner, and a snazzy "privacy screen" that blurs all on-screen content to curious enemies not looking head-on. The Casino Royale-approved device also touts audio in / out, Ethernet, 56k modem, a pair of USB 2.0 ports, 4-pin FireWire, MS / MSPro reader, PCMCIA, and the wireless tools (read: WiFi / Bluetooth) no undercover assassin could function without. For snapping up those incriminating reconnaissance photos, Sony bundles in a DSC-T50B (the "B" is for Bond, presumably) which rocks the same bevy of specs found on its less-secretive sibling, but sports a sleek, black finish and the obligatory 007 logo. While you may have got turned down when looking to become Pierce Brosnan's sure-to-be-legendary successor, you can live vicariously through Sony for just $4,299.99 -- but those desirable silhouettes are unfortunately not included.

[Thanks, Will]