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Live at the Cisco John Chambers keynote

Live at the Cisco John Chambers keynote
Barb Dybwad
Barb Dybwad|January 9, 2007 2:06 PM
11:06: "Welcome to the human network" -- Chambers starts in and welcomes us. We want products to be shared across any network, any devices, any content. We outlined a strategy first for the enterprise, then in the service provider market, and now in the consumer market we're also number one.

11:08: Enabling all forms of communication in IT. this is how Cisco approaches markets.: Vision --> Strategy --> Execution. Talking about the company history and Cisco's strategy over the past 10 years.

11:10: First phase of internet revolution led by business. We predicted it would soon be led by the consumer. Transforming the consumer experience as we transition from analog to digital. Next phase is networked: Analog --> digital --> networked.

11:12: Broadband starting to take over in US, finally.

11:14: The future will not be silo'd. We need to knock down silos and barriers. End users don't care; they just want their devices to talk to each other. And they want it simple.

11:16: 5 characteristics of the human network: virtual, converged, simple, open, safe. He's introducing Jim Morgan.

11:17: on the human network, your content follows you wherever you go. On any device, anywhere. They walk over to Jim's "car" which is a display on stage with a media player embedded. "This is why I got those speeding tickets" (har hars from the audience) They're listening to his favorite playlist; it's classic rock (predictable!).

11:20: He's leaving the car and the music continues on his cellphone. He comes into the "house" and receives a message on his TV asking if he wants to continue listening to the playlist. The TV now plays not only the audio but the video from your collection.

11:22: They're looking at the list of recorded shows on the TV, and the same list is available on the phone. They walk over to the "home PC" station. All the recorded video content is available here too, but the PC adds parental controls for the kiddies.

11:23: Now at the "home office PC" station, looking at photo galleries. Easy publishing of galleries to a range of devices: car, Jim's phone, kid's phone, digital photo frames, etc. If you add friends, their galleries will show up on your network automagically when they add new content.

11:26: Saying goodbye to Jim. Talking about Time's magazine's Person of the Year -- it's all about you. Devices and mobility are tailored to you. Collaboration is the next frontier moving forward.

11:29: Talking about working with sports teams to change revenue streams in the ballparks. Propose to your spouse at the game (for an appropriate price!). Share the game with your favorite brother-in-law easily without resorting to cumbersome text-messaging. Using RFID to purchase personalized items. New revenue streams and consumer experiences across a range of sports.

11:31: Collaboration is the next wave of productivity. TelePresence at home.

11:32: By 2010, only 20 homes networked together will have more traffic load between them than the entire internet had in 1997.

11:34: It is about simplicity. Taking simplicity and moving it into the intelligence of the network. He's calling Jim back out again for more demos. "Tell us how we're going to take these concepts and take it to the next level."

11:35: Jim: in the network, devices will install themselves and autoconfigure. Wireless home security cam in the bedroom -- turn it on and the camera adds itself to your set-top box list of networked cameras. John: so this opens up an entire range of devices to the consumer that will plug and play into the network.

11:38: Data, voice and video coming together to create new experiences for the consumer. Back to the living room: we're watching the A's game. Cousin Dirk is watching the game across the country -- to check in with him we click the remote and initiate a VoIP call and ballgame goes to inset.

11:41: Lots of awkward skit with Cousin Dirk, the archetypical nerd complete with taped glasses and pocket protector. Buying tickets now for another game, and an electronic ticket arrives immediately on Jim's phone.

11:43: Saying goodbye to Jim once again. Audience claps.

11:44: Outlining a strategy of where we're going with our partners. Content anytime, anywhere. The network platform: new devices, services, content, opportunities.

11:46: Changing the consumer experience at home and then in business. Focus on market transitions, not competition. Cisco uniquely capable of enabling this human network seamless experience. We want to be content agnostic in approach.

11:46: Changing the consumer experience at home and then in business. Focus on market transitions, not competition. Cisco uniquely capable of enabling this human network seamless experience. We want to be content agnostic in approach.

11:51: Back to network as platform again. Innovation is not about doing it all yourself; it's about partering and acquiring. Cisco is committed to collaborating.

11:53: We welcome your feedback on how the human network will change the way we live, work and play. See you next year!

11:54: Cue Eagles -- Hotel California. Everybody is walking out, we caught some other folks refreshing mobile feeds to find out more about the iPhone...