SanDisk rolls out Cruzer Contour USB flash drives

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SanDisk rolls out Cruzer Contour USB flash drives
It looks like SanDisk is trying to class up its ever-expanding line of Cruzer USB flash drives, unveiling its shiny new Cruzer Contour at CES. Slide open that glossy black exterior and you'll find an handily hidden USB connector, doing away with the need for a pesky and losable cap. Otherwise, the drive's pretty standard as far as flash drives go these days, with a promised write speed of 18MB/sec and a read speed of 25MB/sec, as well as full adherence to the U3 standard for running apps directly off the drive (Skype, Avast, and a handful of other programs come pre-loaded). The drive's upscaledness also extends to its storage capacity, with the lightest in the batch coming in at relatively hefty 2GB, and the others in the group doubling things up to 4GB and 8GB -- all should be available sometime in March for $90, $150 and $240, respectively.

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