Sanyo booth tour

Omar McFarlane
O. McFarlane|01.15.07

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Sanyo booth tour

Sanyo had a bit of a twist this year at CES -- it was making a push for the environment. In between displays of HD camcorders and wireless projectors were numerous low consumption devices and solar powered chargers. Keep reading to see what you may have missed among the plethora of products that were on display this year.

The "Wow" didn't start until we pressed the button.

Sanyo knows that nothing sets the mood to a booth tour quite like a live performance by group violinists, Barrage.

We were told this would be available by Q2; sure it's not a USBCELL, but it is still highly convenient for those of us who have to make optimal use of their our outlets.

An Eneloop powered hand-warmer, it is currently only available in Japan and gets as hot as 50º C (122º F).

It's a no wonder these batteries last so long -- they're two-feet tall!

Maybe we're a bit out of touch with the younger generation, but we sure wouldn't want to carry anyting with a dual-colored faceplate, and the kids are more fashion conscious than us.

Sanyo demoed a wireless HD projector -- playing Mission Impossible 3 -- however, didn't seem to put too much faith in it, as the transmitter and receiver were only about 10-feet from each other.

Not the same as letting your car park itself, but when you would like to remain in control of your speeding metal deathtrap, Sanyo's backup camera is handy. The system has a grid overlayed on the camera image to make sure that you park perfectly every time.

While other companies had more scandalous demos, Sanyo kept it family friendly with a magnificent scale model of a town fair to show off its cameras and camcorders. It did not draw as much of a crowd as its competitors, but we have a feeling the marketing folks here probably sleep better.

These are a series of air purifiers that were part of Sanyo's "Think GAIA" marketing push. Very beautifully designed, hopefully we won't have to worry about any scares like with the ionic purifiers.
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