Sanyo Eneloop Solar Charger: charges your iPod too

Ready to get your eco on Jack? Meet the Sanyo N-SC1S Eneloop Solar Charger. Not only will the device charge 4x of their hottastic Eneloop (and presumably other) rechargeable hyrbids in about 2.5 hours, but it'll also juice-up your USB-equipped gear. That's right, the device features a USB port capable of a DC 5V and 500mA output. Oh sure, it takes about 6 days for the internal lithium ion batteries to reach a full charge in order to charge your cellphone, PSP, MP3 player, whatever, but hey, it's good for the kids, hear? Available in Japan starting November 21st for an expected ¥20,000 or $170 of that green, green.

[Via Impress]