Mavizen myBlu solves the iPhone blues, adds caller ID / voice dialing to iPods

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.18.07

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Mavizen myBlu solves the iPhone blues, adds caller ID / voice dialing to iPods
You all know by now that June is a long ways away, and even when that glorious month finally dawns, there's a good chunk of us who won't even be able to partake in the iPhone fun due to location. Thankfully, Mavizen has a svelte alternative to pair up the functions of your phone with your current dock-connecting iPod courtesy of the myBlu. This wired / Bluetooth device provides a wired set of headphones and a microphone that you connect to your 'Pod, while the integrated Bluetooth module syncs with your handset. Upon receiving an incoming call, the tunes are halted and the incoming number even shows up on your iPod's screen, quite similar to how the original ROKR functioned, except we're adding an external DAP. Aside from caller ID, it also supports voice redial, most recent call list, and adds an FM tuner to boot, and since it pulls power straight from your docking port, no extra batteries are necessary. Of course, for as sensational as this little gizmo sounds, getting it over here on American soil could prove to a chore in and of itself, but if you're down with locating a Hong Kong importer, you can snag one for around HK$598 ($77).

[Via Slashphone, thanks Kory]
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