The Motorola ROKR E1 Apple iTunes phone

Motorola iTunes ROKR

Well, we've been talking it up for months, they've delayed time and time again what's arguably the biggest device launch since the PSP, but here it is. The Apple iTunes phone, the Motorola ROKR E1, will feature a 100 song capacity via random autofill (ala the shuffle) or manually loaded music via USB, a color display (duh) with album art support, stereo speakers, headphones with a mic for calls. Cingular will be the sole US carrier. Of course, if you've been following the development, none of the above should surprise you. We had the first known authentic pics of this thing way back in July, and have followed their more or less open-secret engagement with Cingular for the duration.

UPDATE: A few more details. It's going to sell for $249.99 with two-year service agreement. It's tri-band GSM/GPRS (850/1800/1900 MHz), it has a 176 x 220 pixel, 262,000 color display, weighs 3.77 ounces, is 4.25 x 1.81 x .80-inches in size, has a talk time of 9 hours, a VGA camera, and Bluetooth.

Motorola ROKR E1 iTunes phone
Apple Moto ROKR