TurboSketch bundles SketchUp for retail

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Michael Rose
January 17, 2007 10:00 AM
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TurboSketch bundles SketchUp for retail
If you secretly harbor the desire to design in 3D, you've probably already downloaded and explored Google SketchUp, the free-slash-500-dollar modeling tool from our buddies on the G-team that allows you to put your virtual buildings right into Google Earth. Now, as seen at Macworld, there's an interesting product that combines the free version of SketchUp 6 with lighting and rendering modules to produce something new: TurboSketch Studio from IMSI/Design.

This is a retail product (boxed and download) available in standard and pro versions for $100 and $250; the "show discount," good through the end of the month, drops the prices to $70 and $150 respectively.

The IMSI crew has the vintage TurboCAD program in the stable, so this seems like a fairly natural line extension. According to the product info, this is the first retail bundle for a Google application; it's certainly the first one I can think of for the Mac. It's not shipping yet, and the IMSI website seems to be in the reorganization process, but If we can get our mitts on a review copy we'll let you know how it rolls.

[via MacTech]
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