ET wearable RFID gear turns everything into toys

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.19.07

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ET wearable RFID gear turns everything into toys
While the bandwagon approach would be to develop an anti-RFID device to eliminate RFID invasions from our lives altogether, a mysterious Japanese website spells out an interesting take on making wearable RFID, dare we say, enjoyable. The ET (Everything Is Toy) is a "wearable computing system designed to change our daily lives into play," basically transforming the RFID tags on everyday objects into random bits of fun. The video demonstration showcases the system determining that the user picked up an umbrella, but rather than sulking about how rainy it is outside, he proceeds to bust out a few ninja-like moves while the integrated speaker on his person translates the motions into sword clanging sounds. Other examples are a thrown orange becoming a whizzing fireball and your average desk chair revving up like a race car when wheeled around. Of course, the idea is still a prototype, and it won't do us much good without a whole lot of RFID-enabled goods at our disposal, but this looks like a surefire time waster when bored at the office at the very least. Click on through for the sound-filled demonstration.
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