Homegrown Wii steering wheel proves disgraceful

Since the frequency (and severity) of Wii-related injuries has calmed down somewhat since Nintendo (we think) starting replacing those previously weak Wiimote straps, it seems that Wii owners now have more time to spend crafting accessories than filling out medical paperwork. Sure, the more official steering wheel adornment has been available to purchase for quite awhile, but for those who can't (or have no desire to) conjure up the coin required to snag one, there's always the homegrown approach. It's quite possible that we've grown too accustomed to well planned and well executed mods and DIY creations, but we must say this attempt at crafting a Wii wheel looks to fall a bit short -- unless you dig incredibly lumpy and presumably slippery circles to steer with, of course. Nevertheless, we've got to give props for the not-so-typical blue tape used in the construction, but we're counting on Rev. B to be a much more refined rendition, capiche?

[Via NintendoWiiFanboy]