NVIDIA's Preface puts a pretty face on PortalPlayer's SideShow gear

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There's a new line from NVIDIA, and for once it isn't concerned with FPS, PCI-X or your PSU. Nope, this time NVIDIA is showing off its softer side, with its new "Preface" line of SideShow devices powered by PortalPlayer, that can in turn be used by OEM manufacturers in their PCs or other media devices. As you're no doubt aware, SideShow is simply a pretty way to access your computer's information while it's off or closed, so you can play around with emails or MP3s without going through the trouble of booting your PC. We've already seen a couple of PortalPlayer auxiliary displays make their way into laptops such as Asus' WF5e and LG's Z1, but now things are really spicing up with Bluetooth and IR functionality in media remotes and portable players. The player pictured above, which we saw with a bit of dubious Dell branding while at CES, can not only communicate with your PC wirelessly, but can also take your media to go with a bit of flash memory. We'll have to wait and see what manufacturers actually do with these technologies and reference designs, but it looks like NVIDIA isn't making it too hard for interested OEMs to get this stuff into the hand of consumers -- we suppose we'll find out soon enough. Peep the remote after the break.

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