Blast from the Past: Mousing Around

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Blast from the Past: Mousing Around

People didn't always know how to point and click. The ubiquity of today's mice, trackballs, touch-pads and other UI inputs clouds the memory of a time when Apple needed to train users to work with pointing devices.

GUIdebook, the Graphical User Interface gallery, works to preserve and showcase historical GUIs. Today's Blast from the Past, "Mousing Around", is an introduction to mastering your 1984-vintage Macintosh mouse. It's part of a larger Guided Tour of Macintosh, with most of the instructions originating on a cassette tape (available for download as a Zipped 36MB MP3 file).

It's very much a trip back to the time of HappyMacs. The screens, which include a connect-the-dots game, a piano emulator, a maze, and a magician seem especially childlike compared to the sleekness of today's OS X's interface with its distinct grown up sensibility.

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