EaglePicher claims "world's smallest" implantable battery

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.18.07

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EaglePicher claims "world's smallest" implantable battery
We've just about had our fill of "world's smallest" gizmos this week, but when it comes to a new development in the battery realm, we certainly won't complain with delivering power in a less burdensome manner. Vancouver's own EaglePicher Medical Power has recently announced plans to unveil the "industry's smallest implantable-grade medical battery," which comes in at a mere .26-inches long and .09-inches in diameter. Unsurprisingly, the primary application is to handle tasks inside your body, such as deploying it via a "minimally-invasive catheter procedure" rather than implanting it through surgery. The aptly-named Micro Battery is based around a proprietary cell construction designed by the company, and while we're always weary of such lofty claims to a product that hasn't hit commercialization yet, it can purportedly provide power for "more than 15 years." Just make sure you pencil in a changeout date about a decade from now if this thing ends up connected to your future pacemaker, cool? [Warning: PDF read link]

[Via MedGadget]
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