IOGEAR's first automatic 2x1 HDMI switch now shipping

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Richard Lawler
March 27th, 2007
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IOGEAR's first automatic 2x1 HDMI switch now shipping
Got more HDMI devices than available HDMI ports? Since getting up off the couch to change connections is not an option, you're going to keep everything plugged in all the time. IOGEAR just announced it has begun shipping the first "true" automatic HDMI switch, the GHDMIAS2, using its patented HDAS technology to instantly lock on to the correct HDMI source. The HDMI 2x1 Automatic Switch detects an active source, switches automatically and delivers perfect quality 1080p resolution and HDCP compatibility with no latency. We've seen automatic switches before but they usually take a few seconds to change between devices. The MSRP for adding one more automatically switched HDMI port to your setup is $169.95, so its probably still cheaper to count the jacks on your new HDTV before purchase.
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