Treo 755p for Sprint in the wild

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|03.30.07

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Treo 755p for Sprint in the wild image
Treo 755p for Sprint in the wild image

We know you're starting to get a little tired of the aerial on that 700p of yours; no, seriously, we feel your pain. You're looking longly at that 680 over there, but the leap over to Cingular -- and to GSM, for that matter -- can be a treacherous one indeed for some users. Happily, the 755p is coming just in time to save the day before you all go out of your gourds, and for a Garnet-based EV-DO piece, she's looking mighty purty. A reader wrote in to describe his recent brush with the 755p to us, and came away with the impression that it's slimmer, lighter, and easier to hold thanks to concave surfaces on the phone's sides. A couple launch keys on the front side have disappeared (leaving only two), the stylus is a little lighter, and although the camera is still a mere 1.3 megapixels, pictures are apparently of a much higher quality. Music to a weary 700p user's (or, better yet, a 650 user's) ears, eh? See you in the next couple months!

[Thanks, James]

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