Palm Treo 700p announced

Yep, we were expecting it any day now (well, today actually) -- now here it is. Looks like Sprint was definitely more the leaky ship on Palm Treo 700p's impending launch, being that we only caught wind of Verizon's version a few times, but it looks like neither carrier snagged the exclusive on Palm's latest PalmOS (not ALP) based smartphone. The latest step in unifying the Treo family as a hardware platform, the 700p (like the 700w) features EV-DO, 312MHz Xscale CPU, 128MB flash memory (60MB usable), 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and SDIO. Unlike the 700w, however, it works it with the same 320 x 320 resolution screen as the 650 (remember, WinMo 5.0 doesn't support that res), so there's at least one tangible benefit to this device if you're not sure whether Palm or Windows is your bag. We're just glad this thing's finally announced -- it's not like we didn't know, you know? Stay tuned for official launch dates and release prices.

Update: Interesting info. Phone Scoop called to let us know a few hurtful details about the 700p. First, their SDIO slot won't support WiFi (which is like, half the point). PalmAddict quotes Palm's Michelle White as saying that the lack of WiFi is justified by the fact that the phone supports EV-DO. The 700p also does not support voice dialing over Bluetooth, nor does it officially support SD cards over 2GB. However it does come with a basic version of PocketTunes -- but lacks PlaysForSure support. D'oh indeed.