I-Case spring fashion show

Eric Caoili
E. Caoili|04.10.07

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I-Case spring fashion show
Team Xtender, the group behind the chrome casing and Black Knight Wii mods, plans to diversify its line of I-Case replacement shells with a more colorful look. The mod manufacturer has posted photos of its concept models in their new outfits, dressing the Wii and its stand in red, yellow, green, blue, and pink.

Nothing has been finalized yet, so don't expect to see these vibrant kits on the market for a while. The I-Case's pricing has been a little more competitive than the SHOCKii's ($40 versus $50), so we're glad to see some competition in the replacement shell market. Click past the post break for more glamour shots from the Wii runway.

[Via DCEmu]

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