Steorn delivers... a waffling video, loose tech specs

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Thomas Ricker
April 13, 2007 11:36 AM
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Steorn delivers... a waffling video, loose tech specs

Steorn delivered as promised. No, not Orbo and its promise of "infinite clean energy." Not even the technical details behind their seemingly improbably invention. Rather, they've produced a rather uninspiring Q1 video update for a "rightly skeptical world." We now know that of the 5,000 applicants for the jury, just under a 1000 were qualified to participate. Of these, only 22 experts had the scientific know-how (and, free time) to assess the technology -- testing which seems both under way and about to begin depending upon how you interpret the release. Nevertheless, in July Steorn will host a public demonstration of the technology in London. The event will allow anyone to "pretty much get hands-on with who we are and what the technology does." Fortunately, it will also be broadcast live across the Intertubes. Until then, you'll have to make do with the video update after the break with the possibility of more details later in the day.

[Thanks, Chris]

Update: Steorn also "updated" their tech specs page, with more of the same totally jargon-tastic claims and not much new information. Operating on the principle of "time variant magneto-mechanical interactions", Orbo will supposedly convert mechanical energy to electrical via normal means of generation; they expect power density of 0.5 Watts per cubic centimeter. Any physicists in the room prepared to dive in?
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