Boeing working to provide tracking abilities sans GPS signals

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.19.07

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Boeing working to provide tracking abilities sans GPS signals
No sooner than the Joint Forces Command announces an initiative to utilize hybrid GPS technology to get geo-tracking information to soldiers whilst inside buildings or otherwise obstructed from GPS range, DARPA has went and hired Boeing to do almost the same thing. The Robust Surface Navigation (RSN) program seeks to "exploit signals of opportunity to deliver precise location information to the US warfighter in GPS-denied environments," which could theoretically overcome any GPS jamming techniques that our enemies may try. Essentially, Boeing is looking to companies such as ROSUM to figure out how to provide tracking data via terrestrial broadcast signals and augmented broadcast signals instead of GPS. The 15-month Phase 1 concept development contract is just getting underway, and while no commercial plans have been cooked up just yet, we can't imagine this staying out of civilian hands for too awfully long.

[Via Gizmag]
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