Third party battery promises 15 hours of play -- at a cost

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Andrew Yoon
April 30th, 2007
Third party battery promises 15 hours of play -- at a cost
For some, PSP simply does not have a long enough battery life. Peripheral manufacturer Blue Raven is trying to offer PSP owners an alternative: the PSP 15-hour extended battery. The battery snaps on to the back of the system, and is supposed to offer "up to 7 times the battery life of the standard PSP battery."

Like so many other battery solutions for PSP, there are a lot of catches with this newly released product. Firstly, it's ugly. Doubling the system size certainly makes the system much less portable. (At least it isn't as ugly as this monstrosity.) Also, we're doubting the true power of the product. Other third-party batteries have made systems explode, or have under-delivered in terms of performance. The standard PSP battery is 1800mAh; to offer 7 times the battery life, this battery would need to rate 12600mAH. Too bad it doesn't--it only offers 4500mAh.

It also doesn't come cheap: $100. We've recommended avoiding third-party batteries time and time again, and we're going to do it again. Honestly, it appears that Sony's official 2200mAh battery is still your best bet.
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