Brando's 55-in-1 multicard reader doubles as Bluetooth, USB 2.0 hub

Updated ·1 min read

Leave it to Brando to upgrade its fine line of chintzy multicard readers yet again, this time adding an additional three cards to its mile long compatibility list and throwing in a USB 2.0 hub as well. Of course, we've already seen the unit acquire Bluetooth and rave lights, but the latest edition doubles as a Bluetooth dongle and provides an extra two USB 2.0 ports to daisy chain your favorite USB-powered gadgetry to your PC. Not a whole lot of reasons to upgrade to this one if you're a proud (or shameful) owner of past iterations, but if you've been looking for the least expensive way to convert your non-BT-enabled machine into one that speaks Bluetooth, all while finding a device that reads and writes to T-Flash, IBM MD, MAGICSTOR, and SDHC (just to name a few), Brando's whiz-bang conglomerate will run you just $29.