eStarling 2.0 WiFi digiframe gets larger, maintains price

Quite a few digiframes have come and gone since eStarling's original iteration hit the market early last year, but the company is coming back swinging with a swankier, larger, and soundly priced 2.0 edition. The eStarling 2.0 WiFi digital photo frame now dons a sleek, piano black casing, a seven-inch widescreen display, 480 x 234 resolution, support for 802.11b/g, WEP, and WPA, a four-in-one multicard reader that handles MMC, MS, CF, and SD, and the obligatory Web 2.0 features that make this thing attractive. As with version one, you can still view photos from a Flickr RSS feed, and you can even email pictures in from your mobile or alternate location to give your household pets a glance at where the master's currently hanging. Notably, you will need a Windows-based computer to get things up and running, and while we've certainly seen frames with more detailed displays and classier motifs, the web-enabled WPF-187 still only costs $249.99.

[Via TRFJ]