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Dell ends rumors, launching Latitude tablet in 2007

Dell ends rumors, launching Latitude tablet in 2007
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|May 18, 2007 6:22 PM
Jeff Clarke, Dell Business Product Group SVP/GM didn't have much to say about the new tablet Dell Latitude that's been rumored about for, well, years, but at very least Dell has finally and officially put the rumors to bed. Showing off a sexyslim Dell tablet in a video posted to Dell's blog, the edu / health / corporate-aimed unit will be"one of the lightest weight convertible tablets in the marketplace... [with] leadership tech in its pen and touch interfaces." Quick recap what is confirmed:
  • Dell's doing a widescreen convertible tablet
  • It looks pretty friggin thin
  • It's got a touchscreen and pen input (digitizer); it also has a biometric reader.
  • It's coming out "later this year".
Wish we had more info than that, but we tip our hats to Dell for helping us finally put an end all the years of agonizing and rumor-mongering about this mythic lappie of theirs.

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