Dell considering ruggedized laptops, tablet PCs

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.18.06

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Dell considering ruggedized laptops, tablet PCs
We've seen other companies try their hand at ruggedized notebooks and tablet PCs, but today, we found out that an old hat may be getting into this specialized sector of the market as well. At Dell's Technology Day last week, Alex Gruzen, general manager of Dell's Product Group, said that his company was looking into entering these two product categories; an article in eWeek, however, added that Gruzen (pictured at right) stressed that the company was merely considering its options at this point, and hadn't decided if it would begin production anytime soon. Our take? If Dell could make a ruggedized computer as cool as that XPS 600 Renegade that we saw at CES, we're sure they'd make a killing.

[Via Laptoping]
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