Video: Sword and Wraith unlocked in H3 beta

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After the secret got out that custom games were accessible in the Halo 3 beta, it hasn't taken long for more vehicles and weapons to be revealed. Of course, the latest GamePro has some official information, but we've got these positively unofficial videos. The first video, embedded above, shows off the Energy Sword as it appears in Halo 3. It's noteworthy that the sword does have a battery. If you look at the top right corner, you'll notice that the charge decreases as the player makes successful hits. Also displayed in the video, it seems that movement speed has been increased and gravity decreased, making for a sort of Benny Hill version of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Check out the second video, which features a Wraith tank, after the break.

The Wraith has a few new tweaks in Halo 3 multiplayer. First, the secondary plasma turret can now be controlled by a second player, akin to the gunner's seat in the Warthog. This should make for an excellent defense against would be hijackers. Also, speaking of hijacking, it's no longer necessary to chuck grenades into the Wraith after you've cracked it open with a few melee attacks. Nope, now you just keep smacking the tank until you beat the driver silly. Finally, it appears that the trip mine doesn't react to the Wraith at all. Whether this is a game specific glitch or a legitimate addition to gameplay we're not sure. With so many things buried in the Halo 3 beta, we wonder what's left to find.

[Via Joystiq]
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