SanDisk puts Sansa View on ice

Just got official word from SanDisk that they're putting the Sansa View on ice, at least for the time being. A rep we spoke with told us that SanDisk has, "decided to re-scope the product, so we'll not be bringing it to market this year." Apparently they're still committed to the portable media player market, but that, "the market is changing fast and furious and we want to shift our efforts to develop a PMP that will meet the needs of the market versus pushing out the wrong product. So we're taking another look."

It's disappointing that we won't be seeing their take on a widescreen flash-based portable video player, but we'll give 'em points for at least being upfront about the sitch -- and for realizing that it's better not to release a product at all than to release one that offers a sub-standard experience. Usually when an electronics company kills a product before launch like this they just try and pretend like it never existed in the first place and hope that nobody notices that it never came out.