SanDisk Sansa View

SanDisk is announcing their new Sansa View at this year's CES, their first official entrant into the portable media player space, and a doozy at that. No surprise, it's a flash-based device with 8GB of storage for watching movies on its capacious 4-inch screen. In addition to that 8GB, though, it's also got a full SDHC slot for popping in another 8, 16, 32GB and beyond in a drive-free (read: battery efficient) form factor. In addition to an integrated speaker, Li-polymer battery, PlaysForSure support, pre-loaded content, and AV-out up to 1080i, users can expect 10 hours of music and 4 hours of video in its 3 x 4.8 x 0.66-inch (78.5 x 123 x 16.9mm) body. We don't yet know what other codecs this device will support (we expect it'll do all the regulars), and it'll run you $300 in Q1 of this year.