Forza 2 custom cars make their way to eBay

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We've mentioned more than once that we're damned impressed with all the Forza Motorsport 2 custom cars out there (especially this one), but we're not sure if we'd be willing to actually pay for one. You know, with real money. It looks like custom Forza cars have begun to hit eBay. Honestly, we're surprised we didn't see this coming. So far we've found three different auctions for various cars, all priced at $10. These don't have the meticulous custom paint jobs we've seen, so we're guessing they're tuned more for performance. One seller is even creating his cars with individual numbers, hoping to make them collector's items.

Our question to you: would you pay real money for the ultimate Forza car?

[Thanks, IncredibleBulk92]
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