How-to: make custom Forza 2 paint jobs

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If you listened to the latest episode of the Xbox 360 Fancast (and you really should have), then you'll know that the copious amounts of Forza 2 custom paint jobs hitting the net both amazed and befuddled us. They amazed us, obviously, because the level of work and detail that goes into these cars is amazing. They befuddled us because we had no idea how they were created. Lo and behold, we have discovered a handy how-to on the Forza 2 message boards. Posted by one Neubourn, the tutorial shows you step by step how the many shapes available in the Forza 2 livery editor can be transformed into incredibly detailed works of art. Yup, every custom paint job is merely a collection of shapes in different configurations and transparencies. It seems damned near unbelievable when you view the initial rough outline of Batman's Harley Quinn (see "Before" above), but after some extensive manipulation (and plenty of time we're sure) she came to life as clear as crystal. Hit the "read" link to learn how to make custom designs yourself.

[Thanks to murph for pointing this out]
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