WRUP: bye bye beta edition

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WRUP: bye bye beta edition

360 fanboys, this is it. It's time to stock up on tacos, pizza, chips, soda, and whatever else you'll need to keep yourself glued to your Xbox 360. Yes, the end of the Halo 3 beta is nigh (this Sunday to be specific). The weeks have just flown by, haven't they? We've spent many hours owning n00bs and watching n00bs employ HAXX and CHEETZ to score kills on us. We've sampled new weapons (lolololololol) and tried out fancy new equipment. Many of us have even made it into unauthorized custom games. Whatever you like to do in the beta, this is your last shot. Will you go out in a blaze of ownage, or will you be owned yourself?

Oh, and in case Halo isn't your thing, what will you be playing this weekend?

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X3F Gamertags:
Richard Mitchell -- SenseiRAM
Dustin Burg -- SuperDunners
David Dreger -- Knuckles Dawson

What were you playing?
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