Philips SJM3151 universal remote mirrors your iPod screen

Darren Murph
D. Murph|06.14.07

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Philips SJM3151 universal remote mirrors your iPod screen
While Philips' latest universal remote lacks the genius design seen in the prototype book iteration, it's tough to deny the utility here. This universal remote may not sport the most luxurious button layout, but it does manage to control up to six devices and play nice with your iPod; moreover, the SJM3151's built-in LCD screen touts the ability to mimic your player's screen, so you can sneak a peek at what's on deck without squinting to see the faraway dock. Interestingly, this remote not only packs the infrared abilities we've come to expect, but it also speaks ZigBee in order to transmit signals "up to 300 feet." Of course, this multifaceted device won't run you cheap, as interested buyers will be asked to cough up $180 to procure one when it lands this fall.
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