WRUP: road to E3 edition

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WRUP: road to E3 edition
This is it folks, the last Friday before the first kinder, gentler E3. For most, gaming plans will go unchanged. For a select few, a weekend full of travel means that portable gaming time is nigh. Still others will ditch games entirely, opting instead to obsessively watch trailers of games they want to see at E3. And yet others will madly play the prequels to upcoming E3 darlings, desperately willing them to magically blossom into the next iteration (no matter how hard we try, we can't get Halo 2 to morph into Halo 3). Yes, the weekend before E3 is something like Christmas Eve for gamers, and indications are high that we have been very nice this year.

So, how will you whet your appetite for E3 this weekend?

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