WRUP: play Bomberman already edition

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WRUP: play Bomberman already edition

After a one week hiatus -- induced by the delirium of E3 -- What Are You Playing is back. We couldn't imagine a better "welcome home" present than Bomberman Live on Xbox Live Arcade. If you haven't tried out Hudson's new multiplayer title -- a return to the series' roots -- you owe it to yourself to do so. It really is a blast (pun hilariously intended). Hell, even our own Gears of War-aholic, Dustin Burg, has picked it up. Give it a go and see what all of the retro gamers have been raving about. We think you'll be glad you did.

That's not to say that's all we'll be playing this weekend though, so we must ask (as always), what are you playing this weekend?

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X3F Gamertags:
Richard Mitchell -- SenseiRAM
Dustin Burg -- SuperDunners
David Dreger -- Knuckles Dawson

What were you playing? (WRUP archive)
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